Thursday, July 10, 2008

CCNA Practical Studies


The only Cisco Systems®-approved practical lab companion for the classroom for associate-level CCNA network support courses and for courses in Cisco® networking.

CCNA Practical Studies offers students a means to gain practical networking experience and is a resource for the instructors to use in the classroom and the lab environment. This book provides students and teachers with numerous lab examples that cover the entire range of CCNA topics. Each chapter tackles a major subject area, such as router configuration, routing protocols, bridging and switching, ISDN, access lists, IPX, and more. Each subject presents a mini-lab, walking the student through the lab scenario and explaining in detail the commands used, why the authors chose the specific commands, and the resulting configurations. Comprehensive configuration and troubleshooting labs are added to the end of the book, allowing students to understand how routing technologies interact. This step-by-step lab scenario approach is designed to teach them how to apply the knowledge they are acquiring in the process of becoming a CCNA. Since the application of knowledge is just as important as acquiring the foundation concepts, this book will be an invaluable study aid for students learning basic networking concepts and for those students taking courses preparing them for acquiring a CCNA accreditation. These scenarios can be used on home or school-based networking labs, networking simulation software products, remote-accessible networking labs or other networking environment simulation options. CCNA Practical Studies also shows the user how to set up these home or school-based labs and how to acquire the equipment.