Thursday, July 10, 2008

CNAP CCNA 1 and 2 Companion Guide (3rd Edition)

Networking Academy
Program CCNA 1 and 2 Companion Guide, Third Edition, is the Cisco approved textbook to use alongside version 3.1 of the Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 1 and CCNA 2 web-based courses. The topics covered provide you with the necessary knowledge to begin your preparation for the CCNA certification exam (640-801, or 640-821 and 640-811) and to enter the field of network administration.

CCNA 1: Networking Basics

  1. Introduction to Networking
  2. Networking Fundamentals
  3. Networking Media
  4. Cable Testing and Cabling LANs and WANs
  5. Ethernet Fundamentals
  6. Ethernet Technologies and Ethernet Switching
  7. TCP/IP Protocol Suite and IP Addressing
  8. Routing Fundamentals and Subnets
  9. TCP/IP Transport and Application Layer

CCNA 2: Routers and Routing Basics

  1. WANs and Routers
  2. Router Fundamentals
  3. Router Configuration
  4. Learning About Neighboring and Remote Devices
  5. Managing Cisco IOS Software
  6. Routing and Routing Protocols
  7. Distance Vector Routing Protocols
  8. TCP/IP Error and Control Messages
  9. Basic Router Troubleshooting
  10. Intermediate TCP
  11. Access Control Lists
  12. Appendix A: Structured Cabling
  13. Appendix B: Glossary of Key Terms
  14. Appendix C: Check Your Understanding Answer Key



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