Sunday, July 27, 2008

Computer Shopper Magazine - August 2008

English | PDF | 65 Pages | 14.1 MB
Computer Shopper Magazine is filled with information for anyone who wants to buy software, hardware, peripherals, or anything computer related. Whether you're interested in professional or home computer use, you'll get all the news you need to help you buy the best product at the best price. Along with fascinating articles, each issue of Computer Shopper Magazine includes over 1,000 mail-order deals and great advertising, plus a useful index that helps you locate the computer product you need.


Best Budget PCs
For work and play!

Gamer's Delight
Ever wonder why you can't get past the third level in that PC game? From flight sticks to mice to keypads, we show you the latest gaming gear that will help give you an extra edge.

Computer Cures
Shopper's computer guru looks into some tough tech questions, including whether it's cost-effective to upgrade your laptop, how to make the most of PowerPoint, how to upgrade a Serial ATA drive, and whether to get a PC with a TV tuner bundled in.