Tuesday, July 8, 2008

POINTDEV IDEAL Secure 2008 1.6

POINTDEV IDEAL Secure 2008 1.6 - manages the optimization of network servers and client PCs through the application of predefined actions.
These settings are classified by theme: Windows, Hardware, Network and Software.

So, with IDEAL Secure, you can remotely optimize, secure and parameterize Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista operating systems in a few clicks and without agents.
You can easily enable or disable a set of actions on a selection of computers in a single step.
General description of the software:
- Remote application of predefined actions, without an agent.
- Selection of actions depending on the operating system.
- Network explorer for simplified selection of computers.
- Selection of available actions by theme or keyword.
- Automatic updating of actions over the Internet.
- Possibility of creating your own actions.
- Memorizing of favorite actions.
- Checking the state of actions.
- Possibility of canceling a series of actions (RollBack).
- Maintenance of all logs.
- Simple, intuitive user interface.

Application of actions remotely and without an agent - Actions are applied via a local network, WAN or VPN.
Action management depending on operating system - The software automatically selects the actions available depending on the operating system found: Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server.
Network explorer for a simplified selection of computers - Network neighborhood management for displaying and managing all domains.
Search for available actions by theme or keyword - All actions are classified by themes (Windows, Hardware, Network, Software) and sub-themes You can also search all available actions by keyword.
Actions automatically updated by Internet - The search for updates is carried out automatically when the software is launched.
Possibility of creating your own actions- You can create your own actions using an action editor. An assistant guides you throughout the creation process.
Classification of favorite actions - You can store your "favorite" actions in a special folder to access them more quickly.
Possibility of canceling a series of actions (RollBack) - You can cancel actions applied, allowing you to get back to the initial state very easily.
Checking the state of actions for a group of computers and logged users - You can check the state (enabled, disabled or other) of actions on a set of computers in the network. This check can also be carried out at the level of users who have started a session on these computers.
Maintenance of all logs - All the logs concerning actions applied or cancelled are stored every day. You can consult or delete them. These logs are used by the cancel (Rollback) function.
Shutting down/Restarting a computer - You have the opportunity to remotely shut down and restart computers.
Registry base editor - You can edit a computer is registry base remotely using a tool included in the software. This function allows you to confirm a change or the content of a registry key without needing to log on directly to the PC.

Size: 6.3 Mb