Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tricks of the Microsoft Office 2007 Gurus

It has been estimated that although Microsoft Office 2007 contains more than 10,000 features, the average user is familiar with only about 150 of them.

That means that most people have left a whopping 98.5 percent of Office territory unexplored. In practical terms, it also means that most people aren’t taking advantage of the power of the Office suite. It means that most people work inefficiently by trying to make the techniques they know serve a wide range of situations, and it means that most people work ineffectively because they aren’t aware of techniques that could solve their problems and add sophistication to their documents.

Tricks of the Microsoft Office 2007 Gurus is designed to give you the information you need without making you wade through ponderous explanations and interminable technicalities. To make your life easier, this book includes various features and conventions that help you get the most out of the book.