Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How Microsoft Windows Vista Works

Book Description

Windows Vista is the long-awaited upgrade to the Microsoft Windows operating system, and it’s a lot different from the Windows you’re used to. What’s new in Windows Vista–and how do all those new features work?

How Microsoft Windows Vista Works is the first book to take you inside the new Windows Vista operating system and show you how all the pieces and parts work. With clear and simple explanations and illustrations that say, “You, too, can understand this,” How Microsoft Windows Vista Works gives you detailed information on the hidden workings of Windows Vista–from the new Aero interface inside to the Windows kernel. It’s a four-color, highly visual explanation of everything that matters about Windows Vista, including:

  • How Windows Vista differs from Windows XP
  • How Windows controls your computer
  • How User Account Control protects your system
  • How virtual folders and instant search work
  • How Windows Vista renders graphics
  • How the Aero interface and the Windows Sidebar work
  • How Internet Explorer 7’s tabbed browsing works
  • How Windows connects to a wireless network
  • How the new Windows Photo Gallery manages your digital photos


Introduction xi

Part I: What Windows Vista Is–and What It Does 2

Chapter 1 Understanding Windows and Other Operating Systems 6

Chapter 2 How Windows Vista Differs from Windows XP 14

Chapter 3 What Windows Vista Does 26

Part II: Basic Operations 32

Chapter 4 Powering On and Powering Off 36

Chapter 5 Managing System Resources 48

Chapter 6 Managing System Information 62

Chapter 7 Managing Users 70

Chapter 8 Managing Data 76

Chapter 9 Managing Applications 92

Part III: Windows Vista Graphics 100

Chapter 10 Understanding Vista Graphics 104

Chapter 11 The Vista Interface 112

Chapter 12 The Vista Desktop 122

Part IV: Digital Media 130

Chapter 13 Windows Media Center 134

Chapter 14 Digital Music 150

Chapter 15 Digital Images 166

Chapter 16 Digital Video and Movies 174

Part V: Networking and the Internet 182

Chapter 17 Windows Vista and the Internet 186

Chapter 18 Windows Vista Networks 204

Part VI: Security and Maintenance 220

Chapter 19 Windows Vista Security Features 224

Chapter 20 Routine Maintenance 238

Glossary 252

Index 266

About the Author

Michael Miller has authored more than 75 best-selling books over the past 15 years, including Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computer Basics, Microsoft Windows XP for Home Users, Making a Living from Your eBay Business, Googlepedia: The Ultimate Google Resource, and How Home Theater and HDTV Work. Mr. Miller has established a reputation for clearly explaining technical topics to non-technical readers and for offering useful, real-world advice about complicated topics.

Eric Lindley is recognized as an innovative illustrator and photographer infusing realism into his distinctive style of digital imagery. His work has appeared in collateral for editorial, corporate, and publishing clients throughout the U.S. With an inquisitive mind and an array of digital experiences, he continues to stay on the leading edge of technology and develop his vision for an ever expanding global market. His work has appeared in this series of “How it Works” books, including How Personal & Internet Security Work and How Wireless Works.

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