Thursday, August 7, 2008

Windows Vista®: Home Networking

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One of the main reasons to upgrade to Vista is to create a wired, wireless and remote home network that in essence creates a "smart house," or at least smart communications in the house. However, many casual home users may be daunted by the prospect of setup and even more intimidated by the prospect of maintaining the network or adding new devices to it. Expert Ballew gets even the most home-bound and technology-challenged started, providing sufficient theory to explain what is going on, and covers configuration, setting up the network through direct connection and wired ethernet, working with wireless and the sharing center, creating user accounts and setting parental controls, configuring and managing shared folders, sharing printers, creating a home server, working with offline files, adding game hardware, accessing a network remotely and maintaining a healthy network. She succeeds at getting the idea across without making readers feel like idiots. Annotation ©2007

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