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Winstructor Windows 2008 Server

This product contains the following Windows 2008 Training Videos:

Introduction to Active Directory
Duration: 19:42
In this video you'll learn what Active Directory is all about. We'll explain what Active Directory is and the features that make up an Active Directory network. You'll learn about Forests, Domains, Domain Controllers, Parent and Child Domains, Domain Trees, Sites, OU's, the Global Catalog Server and much more.

Installing Active Directory
Duration: 16:51
In this video you'll learn how to install your first Active Directory Domain Controller when we discuss the Active Directory Domain Services Role. You'll learn about all of the configuration options you'll need to consider before you deploy your first domain controller in the first domain in your forest.

Installing an Additional Active Directory Domain Controller
Duration: 10:38
In this video you'll learn how to install a second domain controller into an existing domain. Having more than one domain controller allows you to have better performance and redundancy in case one of your servers goes down.

Installing an Active Directory Child Domain
Duration: 10:12
In this video you'll learn how to create a Child Domain using Windows Server 2008.

Read Only Domain Controllers
Duration: 32:15
In this video you'll learn how to create a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC). Read Only Domain Controllers are more secure since they can be deployed in remote locations where physical security is lacking and still provide all of the benefits of having a local domain controller. You'll learn how to configure password replication, role separation and discover what to do if your RODC is stolen.

Forest and Domain Functional Levels
Duration: 12:46
In this Video you'll learn all about Forest and Domain Functional Levels. You'll see what features you'll be able to utilize when you implement a specific functional level and you'll also learn how to raise the functional level of both your domains and your forest.

Duration: 22:35
In this Video you'll learn all about Trusts. In Windows Server 2008 Trusts are very easy to create and you'll learn about the configuration options you have when creating and managing trusts.

Global Catalog Servers
Duration: 18:19
In this Video you'll learn all about what the Global Catalog is, why it's important and how you can configure it in your domains. You'll also learn about Universal Group Membership Caching and how to configure UPN Suffixes.

Duration: 39:40
In this Video you'll learn all about Sites. Sites and replication go hand in hand and here you'll see how you can configure Sites to improve performance, bandwidth utilization and response times.

Operations Masters
Duration: 39:23
Learn how to Administer the 5 Operations Masters Roles, or FSMO Roles in Windows 2008 Server. The Schema Role, the Domain Naming Role, the RID, PDC and Infrastructure Roles are critical to the healthy operation of your network!

Active Directory Replication
Duration: 34:44
In this Video you'll learn how replication works and how to troubleshoot replication. You'll also see how Update Sequence Numbers and Property Version Numbers are used to verify objects and attributes that require replication. And finally we'll take an extensive look at the repadmin command which will soon become your favorite tool for troubleshooting replication.

Active Directory Audit Policies
Duration: 18:57
In this Video you'll learn how how to configure Active Directory Audit Policies and you'll see how we can use them to keep a trail of who is doing what in our network. You'll learn how to use the auditpol command as well as the wevntutil command to granularly apply and understand these policies.

Organizational Units
Duration: 20:03
In this video you'll learn all about Organizational Units, or OU's. We'll show you 5 different types of OU structures that you can deploy that will help you manage your environment. You'll also see how to create new OU's using the GUI and the command prompt using the DSAdd Command.

User Accounts
Duration: 45:20
In this video you'll learn how to create both Local User Accounts and Active Directory Domain User Accounts. We'll discuss the default domain policy and how it enforces complexity requirements that govern your choice of password. You'll also learn about various User Account properties and features, such as how to determine a Users SID, how to determine which User Account a SID belongs to, how to delegate control to users and how to determine a Users Effective Permissions inside a domain or OU.

Creating User Accounts using Automated Tools
Duration: 59:18
In this video you'll learn how to create Active Directory Domain User Accounts in bulk using automated tools such as LDIFDE, CSVDE, the Net User and the Directory Services Commands. You'll also learn about creating Template Accounts which you can copy to make creating new accounts faster and how to redirect the creation of user and computer accounts to a specifc OU of your choice.

Active Directory Queries
Duration: 13:48
In this video you'll learn how to use the Query feature of Active Directory to locate and edit multiple objects in Active Directory. This is a real time saving tool which you'll use regularly once you'll know about it.

Introduction to Group Policy
Duration: 42:28
In this video you'll learn all about Group Policy. You'll learn how policies are applied to computers and users, how to use the Group Policy Management Console. You'll understand enforcing policies, blocking policy inheritance, creating Starter GPO's, working with WMI Filters and much more!

Introduction to DNS
Duration: 9:29
In this video you'll learn all about how DNS works. We'll show you how our DNS Servers resolve hostnames so you have a good solid understanding of what DNS does behind the scenes. You'll also learn about delegation.

Installing DNS
Duration: 10:00
In this video you'll learn how to install DNS and you'll also see how DNS Resolves hostnames without any zones by using Root Hints as we use Microsoft Network Monitor to trace DNS packets.

DNS Zones
Duration: 19:15
In this Video we discuss what DNS Zones are and create Forward and Reverse Lookup Zones and talk about Primary, Secondary, Stub and Active Directory Integrated Zones.

DNS Records
Duration: 45:54
In this video we demonstrate how to create DNS Records on a Windows 2008 Server and discuss in detail the various types of DNS Records, including SRV Records, A or Host Records, Cname (Alias) and MX Records. We'll also talk about other experimental and largely unused records that are available.

DNS Resolution
Duration: 9:08
In this Video we discuss DNS Resolution and show you exactly what happens when a client computer needs to resolve a Hostname to an IP Address using the Hosts File, Caching and DNS.

Security Baseline
Duration: 19:58
In this Video you'll learn all about creating a security baseline configuration that ensures that not only are your systems as secure as possible, but also management of your systems is easier.

Security Configuration Wizard
Duration: 22:27
In this Video you'll learn all how to use the Security Configuration Wizard to reduce the attack surface of your server by locking it down with a secure policy. You'll also learn how to manually apply this policy to a server and apply it to a group of servers using Group Policy.

Securing Windows 2008 Active Directory Domain Services
Duration: 16:23
Your Domain Controllers are one of the most important server roles in your forest so it stands to reason that they need to be secure. In this video you'll learn what you can do to secure your Active Directory Domain Services.

Securing Windows 2008 DNS Servers
Duration: 16:34
In this video you'll see how you can secure your DNS Servers using Active Directory Integrated Zones, Secure Dynamic Updates, Zone Transfers, Root Hints, Recursion the Global Query Block List - a new feature of Windows Server 2008 and more.

Securing Windows 2008 DHCP Servers
Duration: 29:33
In this video we'll see how we can secure our DHCP Servers. You'll learn about Reservations, Exclusions and DHCP groups and how to configure them using the DHCP Console and using Group Policy. You'll also discover the new DHCP Enforcement Policy and learn how to set up Network Access Protection so only clients that meet strict health requirements are able to obtain a full DHCP Address Lease.

Securing Windows 2008 Web Servers
Duration: 18:20
In this video you'll learn how to remove unused IIS 7 components to reduce the attack surface of your web server. You'll also learn about implementing SSL, IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions, URL Authorization, Bindings and Permissions.

Securing Windows 2008 File Servers
Duration: 11:24
In this video you'll learn how to digitally sign your File Server traffic by implmenting SMB Signing. You'll also learn about removing the default administrative shares as well as Encryption.

Securing Windows 2008 Print Servers
Duration: 12:29
In this video you'll learn about the new Point and Print feature of Windows 2008 and Windows Vista as well as how to manage printer shares and permissions, implement SMB Signing and move the Spooler to another location.

Introduction and Installing IIS 7
Duration: 9:18
In this Video we introduce you to some of the new features of IIS 7 and show you how to install IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista.

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