Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Windows XP Vista Lite 2009 v2.5

Windows XP Vista Lite 2009 v2.5

Line5 = Internet Games
Line10 = Music Samples
Line11 = Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
Line12 = Tablet PC
Line14 = MSN Explorer
Line15 = Windows Messenger
Line17 = Color Schemes
Line18 = Desktop Cleanup Wizard
Line19 = Extra Fonts
Line20 = File and Settings Wizard
Line21 = Security Center
Line22 = Tour
Line24 = Extensible Authentication Protocol Service
Line25 = Health Key and Certificate Management Service
Line26 = IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
Line27 = Network Access Protection (NAP)
Line28 = Wired AutoConfig

After Install
go to the path "C:\Windows\system32\" and del "ntkrnlpa.exe" file to view best bootscreen
Size : 544 MB (5x100+44)

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