Friday, February 6, 2009

Windows Vista x64 SP1 Gamers Edition

is a completely stripped down Version of windows and will function and look exactly like a standard installation. Everything you normally use will work except it will be faster,

use less memory, and have less CPU usage. This is how Vista SHOULD have been released! Here is essentially what this Vista install contains.
* Pre-Activated
* No CD-KEY required
* Passes all WGA checks
* Removed over 3GB of bloatware from the installation
* Removed all older and un-needed drivers
* Disabled all un-needed services
* Numerous tweaks
* Only 1.4GB in size after unrar
System Information
Ethernet Network Adapters
Qlogic Fibre Channel Adapter
Sound Controllers
-Hardware Support
Dynamic Volume Manager
Modem Support
Sample Pictures
Internet Explorer
Remote Desktop Client
Multimedia Class Scheduler
Offline Files
Microsoft HTML engine
Performance Counters
Remote Differential Compression
DEP Disabled (AlwaysOff)
Hibernation Off
Paging Exec Enabled
Power settg High Performance
Show exts. for know file types Yes
Show hidden files and folders Yes
Show protected OS system files Yes
I had trouble with megaposters Vista installing any updates, particularly KB940105 (Virtual Address Memory hotfix) which fixes Crysis from randomly quitting to the desktop for me. This version CAN INSTALL UPDATES via Windows Update OR .msu's, .exe's etc. I have also integrated all hotfixes suggested on Nvidias website: Site
ATI users can uninstall KB945149 if they have problems, all other hotfixes are also listed on ATI's site. If you know of any other updates that would specifically help this GAMING version of Vista, plz post and I will integrate with a later version (probably when SP1 comes out, as i will create an integrated release then) Also if you know any safe tweaks, registry edits, general tips, ANYTHING that would aid FPS and game performance PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST!!! Any way I can make this simple release better too, constructive criticism always welcome! This Vista uses appx. half (less even!) the RAM of regular Vista Ultimate x64.

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